Top reasons why you should sell bubbly!

19th November 2015

Top reasons why you should sell bubbly

Sparkling wine is more than just a drink, it’s uplifting. It has the power to make you feel instantly better and make an evening much more enjoyable.

So why should you sell sparkling wine?

  • Sparkling wine out-performs all other wines on the market and it’s only getting bigger. With the rise of Prosecco, bubbly is more popular than ever. While Champagne is lagging behind slightly, it’s still a huge seller, out-selling still wines.
  • It’s a group activity – if one person has a glass of bubbly, it’s likely their friends are going to join in as well. It makes the occasion seem more special and people are likely to remember the venue fondly.
  • Those who regularly drink Champagne or sparkling wine tend to be those with higher income, which means they’re likely to splash out a little more – bubbly-lovers are good clientele to attract.
  • Seeing people drink sparkling wine gives a good impression – it lifts the atmosphere of everything around it. It’s an iconic drink which brings to mind thoughts of celebration, elegance, fun and romance. It’s also a massive seller on special occassions – Christmas, New Year’s, Birthday’s etc!


  • If you’re venue wants to improve it’s reputation, having a premium Champagne available gives consumers confidence in your drinks. Those who do eventually choose an expensive wine are also likely to continue spending on good quality.
  • However, it’s not always about expensive wine, you can offer plenty others. Consumers are often on the look out for alternatives as the sparkling wine sector continually grows. Prosecco is an obvious choice, but there’s also Cava, Spanish, Sekt, English, grower Champagnes and more.
  • The trend for bubbles doesn’t seem like it will slow anytime soon. It’s more accessible than ever and is attracting all types of people. There’s an increase in younger people choosing to go for a sparkling (often Prosecco) and consumers usually expect some type of fizz to be available.
  • There is room here to stand out from your competitors with the range of Champagne or sparkling wine you offer by the glass. This is increasingly popular with consumers, but some venues are slow to offer a varied selection.

So why not take advantage and make money from sparkling wine? If you would like any more advice or information, please feel free to contact us.

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