Top Things to Remember When Hosting a Wine & Cheese Party

5th September 2017

Wine and cheese parties are an essential part of the wine culture. Of course, not attending or hosting such parties don’t mean anything regarding how much you like wine, but it is often something that people who mingle in wine circles like to do of their own accord. That being said, it’s important to do it right, if you’re going to do it at all, so we’re going to give you a couple of valuable pointers regarding what you need to remember when hosting a wine and cheese party.

Don’t go overboard with extravaganzas

You need to always keep in mind that you don’t need to go overboard with the whole luxury, fancy pants act. If you are trying to impress your friends or relatives, keep in mind that they are most likely already pretty impressed by the fact that you have chosen to host such a party in the first place, not to mention the fact that you’ve invited them as well. Being humble in how you present your endeavors will earn you far more favor from your guests.

The setting is just as important as the menu

It doesn’t matter how many cheeses you bring or how good the wine is if you are not giving them a proper setting for a wine and cheese party. For example, imagine you have just gotten your hands on a vintage bottle of what could easily be called ‘nectar of the gods’. Do you think people will enjoy it thoroughly or be more distracted by the fact that you have lured them all in a dark attic with a wind blowing through cracks in the walls? That was a ridiculous example, of course, but you get the idea. Don’t just think that wine and cheese are great together, but also that outdoor fountains add curb appeal and you should probably host your get together in the garden with excellent music and ambient lights.

No more than six kinds of cheese

You might think that this does not make sense. Surely, the more variety you provide, the better the party will be received, right? Not quite, as too many cheeses might just confuse people. After all, no one is going to eat 20 different kinds of cheese. Most will have their favorites and eat from those, while some of the cheese types will go untouched and will spoil. A total of 6 types is enough to get enough variety in there, from soft to firm.

Tell your guests to bring the wine and you bring the glasses

It might seem odd to ask something like “Hey, I’m getting a wine and cheese party together, can you bring the wine?” It’s not weird at all because different people will like different wine types as well. Prepare your selections, but have people bring theirs as well, and everyone can share. As for the glasses, make sure to place three glasses for each at the table. Why three glasses? That’s simply because one is for red wine and one is for white wine. The third one is for water; you can’t forget water.

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