Travelling with Wines and Spirits

6th March 2017


If you are, like myself, one that travels as part of their work in the wine industry, then you will know all about ‘how do you protect those precious bottles of wines the producers give you‘ whilst on one of your wine trips. You may also be familiar with the dilemma of ‘how to I carry the wines I want to show my next client‘ whilst I am busy travelling from one location to another… This is where I am pleased to know the guys over at VinGardeValise(r) and having been introduced to one of the flight cases.

What is great about this case is the absolute and precise attention to detail for us wine travellers they have given to this piece of luggage, not only can you easily transport 12 bottles of wine, or in my case bottles of bubbly, you can also extend it to carry magnums and it caters for typical Burgundy style bottles and those of Bordeaux. My case came with a security lock (just in case my case went walk abouts) and it’s very firm and protective build means that if the case is dropped or suffers damage, then your wines within are very much given the best chance of survival – Thank goodness I hear you say!

Lastly, what I find useful is that you can stick to just half the case to transport your wines and the other half for your normal everyday luggage so if you are planning your next wine tourism / press trip then you know that you can pack your essentials one side and be able to bring back at least 6 bottles to taste when you arrive back home.

Find out more about VinGardeValise(r) today. Thank you to Tanya Mann of Linden House Hotel Stansted for modelling the case for us.

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