Tropical Hideout Cocktail

23rd August 2023

Tropical Hideout Cocktail

While venturing through the vast Tropical Rainforest, you stumble across a hidden civilization, it turns out that the group of people is made up of many expeditionaries through the ages, choosing to stay in the paradise they have created, and upon their time living life to the max, they have perfected the flavours of the Tropical Cocktail and you’re just about to get a taste.

The Sparkling Wine – Rebula

The farm of Rebula is located in Brestovica, near Komen in Slovenia, in a small village on the Karst Wine Road, close to the Italian border. The farm dates back to 1900 and shifted its main focus to viticulture and oenology in 1982.

The whole estate is cultivated by the members of the Rebula family: Dušan, Vida, Martina and Roman Rebula, extending on an area of 5,2 ha, with their vineyards occupying 1,8 ha, where 5000 vines are planted: 1000 vines of Malvazija, Vitovska Grganja and Sauvignon, along with 4000 vines of Refošk from which Teran, the most important product of the farm, is produced.

Vinarstvo Rebula – Anastazija – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Green bananas, dried bananas, sugar cane, molasses, tropical floral aromas with icing sugar, peach skin and delicate sugar-covered tropical fruits.” 

Flavour – “A mixture of dried tropical fruits, pineapple, dried and green bananas, hints of cocoa powder and molasses, mango and more on the palate.”

Silver Medal in the Tropical Burst Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

The Rum – Labourdonnais

The Domaine de Labourdonnais Château is a historic destination in Mauritius, a real jewel of the Mauritian heritage, built in the year 1856, the Château de Labourdonnais was inhabited by a Mauritian family for over 150 years.

It was only in 2000 that they added the Distillery to start producing their Rums with a collection of fresh sugar cane juice from the sugar cane mill.

Following the distillation at 89%-90% abv and the 6-month resting period, the rum is then watered down and bottled at 40% abv, remaining true to an Agricole rum, the Classic rum offers all the notes and flavours of fresh cut sugar cane juice with herbaceous notes and mellow sweetness.

Rum Labourdonnais – Classic Craft Rum – Tasting Notes “Smooth, clear rum, mellow sweetness of sugar cane and notes of herbal gardens, with freshly cut grass and nettles on the aroma.”

The Tropical Hideout Cocktail


Garnish (Optional)

  • Passion Fruit
  • Little Umbrellas

How To Make The Tropical Hideout Cocktail

  • Carve out the inside of a Pineapple (be careful not to make a hole!)
  • Pour in 50mls of Sparkling Wine
  • Add 100mls of Pineapple Juice
  • 15mls of Labourdonnais Classic White Rum
  • 5mls of Lime Juice
  • 5mls of Grenadine
  • (Optional) Garnish with some little Umbrellas and half a Passion Fruit

The Tropical Hideout Cocktail – Tasting Notes – “A sweet and delicate expression of pineapple, syrupy red fruits, a homely warmth from the white rum lights up the soul, hints of banana creep through with notes of sugar cane and molasses.”

Oliver Walkey

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