Does the type of glass you choose effect the taste of Champagne?

27th September 2016


Firstly I would say that outside of the glass that you are drinking the Champagne from, many other factors will have an effect on what your bubbly tastes like. I’ve tasted 1,000’s of different Champagne and sparkling wines in many varied locations, sometimes what has the biggest effect is when and where you are drinking and who with. You could be standing with a glass of Champagne in your hand on a fresh misty morning in a field of vines or you could be sitting down to an evening dinner with a loved one, celebrating someone’s birthday whilst cruising on a speed boat or attending the launch of a new clothing range and these varied occasions will undoubtedly change the tasting experience you will get.

What time of day, where are we drinking, how we are feeling, who we are with, what Champagne are we enjoying, the temperature, food pairings and much more will change how the Champagne tastes undoubtedly in my opinion.
So, with all these outside influences effecting the Champagne you are drinking, does the type of glass you sip from really make much of a difference?

Most wine professionals will be quite particular about the style of glass they drink from, some will have their favourites and many will advice to what should be and should not be used in order to reveal the full potential of the Champagne. Aside from the wine professionals, most consumers will be familiar for the four popular types of Champagne glass out there, the Flute, the Coupe, the Tulip and the Burgundy Wine Glass which are usually the ones that appear during any Champagne drinking occasion.

Once again, as I usually say when I set about writing a feature on what is the best kind of feature, I say it is all down to personal preferences and what suits you really is the best option regardless to what other advise people offer you. I have a preferred type of Champagne glass from which to drink from and that is the Tulip style which unfortunately does not make a frequent appearance at the tastings and events that I attend, but of course other glasses are also fine to drink from.

If the moment is right, the location magical and the company second to none, then for many it will be simply any glass that is handy, but for those who have that bit more time to select the best Champagne glass to drink from, here are some suggestions:

Zalto – Champagne Glass 220ml (240mm height). Most elegant glass, very lightweight and contains the bubbles and aroma well increase the length of the overall tasting experience.

Riedel – Vinum Extreme Champagne Glass. You feel you have quality in your hand when you hold a Riedel, the name as that effect on many of us. This glass is a great example from Riedel to enjoy your Champagne.

LSA-International – Sparkling Wine Glass. Mouthblown by skilled artisans, these elegant Prosecco glasses have distinctive angular bowls and fine, hand-drawn stems.

Spiegelau – Champagne Flute 280ml (240mm height). Lightweight and elegant glass for Champagne tasting and drinking.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.