Ukraine announces name change for ‘Soviet Champagne’

8th January 2016

champagne name change ukraine

A new decommunisation law in Ukraine means producers of a sparkling wine known as ‘Soviet Champagne’ must undergo a name change.

The new law means a ban of any street, town or product from having names that glorifies communism.

‘Soviet Champagne’ (or Sovetskoye Shampanskoye) was first produced in 1928 when Joseph Stalin was at the height of power. It came in sweet and semi-dry styles and was bought as a cheaper alternative to Champagne for celebrations.

The sparkling wine was bought out by private corporations in 1991 after the Soviet Union dissolved, who kept producing it under that name to this day.

The winery, based in Kiev, said they will now be known as Sovietov, keeping it similar to “keep one of the main traditions of the New Year celebration”, according to the company.

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