‘Ultra VIP’ Champagne Bar in Liverpool

26th May 2016

'Ultra VIP' Champagne Bar in Liverpool

The Baccarat Lounge is an ‘ultra VIP’ Champagne venue set in a secret location, strictly only open to those with a reservation.

The bar is in collaboration with iconic Champagne house Dom Péringon and will also exclusively offer Moët Ice Imperial, Champagne designed to be served over ice.

The bar offers a table service, leaving you to relax and enjoy the luxury.

There will also be a premium cocktail menu. While the location is secret, they have revealed it is in the business district.

“The Baccarat Lounge is an experience of the senses like no other, from the meticulously hand-picked music selection through to the décor, every minute detail has been painstakingly considered when crafting this unique & intimate environment.”



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