Umberto Cesari Sparkling Wine

16th June 2014

Umberto Cesari Sparkling Wine

Moma Spumante


85% Pignoletto, 15% Chardonnay

Charmat method.

Pale straw yellow, with a long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles

Very rich fragrances classic to the grape varieties, of spring blossoms and apple

Crisp and full-flavoured, with velvety mouthfeel

Delicious with starters, light fish dishes, and lighter meats, as well as young cheeses and traditional Emilia charcuterie.

Ideal as an aperitif wine.



100% Pignoletto

Light straw yellow

Intense bouquet with pleasant fresh fruit notes

Sapid, full-bodied and well-balanced

Suitable as an aperitif or with the whole meal

Glass of Bubbly

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