Underraga Sparkling Wine – Rosé

13th October 2014

Maipo Valley.
100% Pinot Noir

Terrain: The soil’s origin is alluvial, with an medium-textured, loamy to loamy-clayey and well drained. The land is flat, of medium depth and moderately fertile.

Climate: The climate is sub-humid Mediterranean. Winters are mild; summers are temperate and dry, with cool nights. These conditions ensure a production of healthy grapes, delicately textured and with a prominent aroma. Annual rainfall averages 350 mm.

The grapes were hand-harvested into 350kg bins and then destemmed and gently crushed. Next they underwent a period of cold maceration enabling the skins to be in contact with the juice and thus achieving the attractive watermelon colour.

Fermentation: This took place in stainless steel tanks for 15 days at temperatures of between 16 C and 17 C in order to bring out to the maximum the varietal forms and flavours. After the fermantation the wine underwent clarification and stabilisation. Next, the “Liqueur de Tirage” was added prior to the second fermentation, which took place using the “Charmat” methos. After this fermentation, the wine remained with its lees for 45 days. Finally, the “Liqueur d’expedition” was added and wine was bottled.

This wine was produced using the “Charmat” method using 100% and Pinot Noir grapes
from our Maipo Valley vineyards

It has the attractive, eye-catching, fresh pink colour typical of this kind of wine, which is produced by macerating the skin of the juice for a given period of time. The bouquet reveals abundant, very complex sensations, particularly of fruit, calling to mind red fruits like cherries, together with delicate floral notes of rose. This wine has persistent, uniform bubbles and on the palate is dry, delicate and fruit with a good body. Ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to meanls and desserts.

Hernán Amenábar


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