Understanding Champagne labels

12th December 2013

Understanding Champagne labels

These are the 10 things that must appear on all Champagne labels:

No.1 – Appellation of Controlled Origin Champagne-prominently displayed

No. 2 – Brand Marque differentiates the wines of different producers

No.3 – Degree of sweetness, Extra-brut, driest wines; brut, very dry; extra-dry, slightly sweet; sec, sweet; demi-sec, very sweet

No. 4 – The town where the wine was made

No. 5 – Country of origin, Champagne can only be called so if it comes from the Champagne region of France

No. 6 – Alcohol content, this varies between 10.5% – 13% 11% is the minimum from vintage dated wines

No.7 – Volume of bottle in millilitres

No. 8 – Trade Registration, Each producer is given a registration number by CIVC When the producers owns the brand, one of the following initials will be found: NM, CM, RM, RC, MA

No. 9 – Winemaker, elaborateur

No. 10 – Champagne house, grower or cooperative responsible for making the wine

Glass of Bubbly

Glass of Bubbly

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