USA World’s most Valuable Champagne Market

7th July 2016

USA World's most Valuable Champagne Market

America has been ranked as the world’s top Champagne market as per-case value rose by 20% last year.

Overall, Champagne value rose by 38% to €515 million in the US compared to the UK’s €512 million.

In terms of volume sales, the UK is still ahead with 34.2 million bottles sold in 2015 compared to the 20.5 million in the US.

One of the reasons is the weak euro against the strong dollar meaning Americans are more likely to go for a premium bottle.

Top-end Champagnes are seeing an increase in sales, particularly best-selling Champagnes Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon (who both take up 60% of market share), Perrier-Jouët, Nicolas Feuillatte and Dom Pérignon. Consumers are more eager to spend over $100 for a bottle.


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