Val D’Oca

26th February 2014

Val D'Oca

Located at the foot of the Veneto’s Pre-Alps, in the delightful hilly region between Asolo and Conegliano, the winery was founded in 1952 by a handful of vine growers with a strong belief in the benefits of cooperation as a solution to face the economic difficulties of that time.

Since then, the winery has been recognised as a leader company in the Valdobbiadene area, tracing the lines of the development of Prosecco production from a local wine to an international best seller. Today it is recognized as one of the oldest companies growing, processing and bottling Prosecco.valdoca1

Today the co-operative – one of the oldest companies growing, processing and bottling Prosecco – is sustained by 583 producers, who for generation have tended over 700 hectares of vineyard (organic = 9 hectares), much of which lies on hills. Since it’s establishment Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene has been recognised as a leader company in the Valdobbiadene area, tracing the lines of the development of Prosecco production from a local wine to an international best seller.

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