Valentine’s Day: Love in Lockdown

10th February 2021

Champagne and Lockdowns

Less than ideal circumstances doesn’t have to mean less than ideal celebrations this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to make the most of this lovely holiday during lockdown, we’ve got plenty of great ideas to help you celebrate with your partner this year.

Whether you’re quarantining together or experiencing a long-distance lockdown, these ideas will make it easy for you to spend dedicated time together, enjoy a romantic evening and connect to celebrate your relationship and the love you share.

  • Bring the Bubbly

Every romantic occasion calls for a bottle (or two) of your favourite Champagne. If you’re celebrating at a distance, you can each bring your favourite bottle and share a virtual toast to your favourite things about each other.

  • Let’s Talk Love Languages

Spice up the conversation on Valentine’s Day by chatting through the details of your love languages. It’s never a bad idea to refresh each other’s memory of how you want to be loved and how you like to express love. Take a moment to do one thing for each other that satisfies their love language.

Champagne and Chocolate Desserts

Champagne and Chocolate Desserts


  • Savour your Favourite Foods

Enjoy a meal together from your favourite local restaurant or spend time in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. This will keep you away from your phones, help you work together and make the meal that much more delicious since it was made with love.

  • Movie Swaps

Each of you can choose your favourite movie to enjoy together. Celebrating at a distance? Check out WatchParty to watch the same thing at the same time as your partner. Choose your movie wisely! Look for something that will be a great conversation starter and sprinkle some romance into the night.

Bubbles in the bath

Bubbles in the bath – ‘Me Time’


  • Enjoy Me-Time

Maybe you’ve been in lockdown together for so long, the most romantic way to spend an evening is with a little bit of me-time. Dedicate a few hours apart to enjoy some self care before reuniting for a nice glass of bubbly and dessert. This will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and romanced.

  • Take a Trip 

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other in person or gotten away from your home, book a staycation somewhere nearby. If you feel safer testing before your trip then you can get covid testing in Oklahoma City, or wherever you are, on the morning of the day you leave and then, if all is negative, you’ll be ready to take your trip. Having a change of scenery will help you both to feel refreshed and give you plenty of new things to talk about. Enjoy carry out from local restaurants and consider booking a spa service, if available.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you find time to celebrate the love you share together. Scheduling time for connection and celebration in the midst of a crazy few months is a great way to strengthen the foundation of your relationship and take a much-needed break from the chaos.

Written by Lisa Palmer – Founder & CEO of Mogul Matchmakers Limited

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