Valentini cocktail recipe for Valentine’s Day

21st January 2015

New Dorset distillery Conker Spirit creates a Valentini cocktail recipe for Valentine’s Day.

Love (will be) all around the south coast in February, as Dorset’s first gin distillery Conker Spirit has created a very special Valentini cocktail especially for Valentine’s Day, using its signature Dorset Dry Gin and Furleigh Estate sparkling rosé.

A romantic twist on the Millionaires’ Martini, the Valentini blends the subtle floral notes of Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin with Furleigh Estate’s pale pink sparkling rosé wine and Antica Formula red vermouth, to create something pretty special, for someone pretty special.

Rebecca Hansford, owner of Furleigh Estate, said: “We were honoured that Conker Spirit chose to include our silver-medal-winning sparkling rosé in its special Valentini recipe. It was a welcome surprise to discover that combining gin and sparkling wine really works and I hope couples enjoy creating this quirky recipe come Valentine’s Day!”

Valentini cocktail ingredients:

20ml Conker Spirit – Dorset Dry Gin

15ml Antica Formula red vermouth

Topped up with Furleigh Estate sparkling rosé

Garnish with half a strawberry

Glass – Champagne flute


Cool the Champagne flute with ice and discard

Pour 20ml of Conker Spirit – Dorset Dry Gin

Add 15ml of Antica Formula red vermouth

Top up the glass with chilled Furleigh Estate sparkling rosé

Stir lightly to ensure the drink is well mixed

Finish off with half a fresh strawberry

Furleigh cocktail

Photo credit: Taken at The Library (the bar above The Larder House) in Southbourne, Dorset by Matt Pollard Photography. The Larder House was founded by James Fowler, 2014 World Class UK Bartender of the year.

Shared by Rebecca Hansford

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