Vegan Foods to pair with (Vegan) Bubbly!

17th January 2017


It’s Veganuary! Whether you’re a long-term vegan or just dipping your toes, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a good meal and glass of fizz.

Check out these vegan-friendly Champagnes and sparkling wines – then it’s time to decide, what food to pair with it?

Sparkling wine is really versatile and pairs with almost anything, from sweet to savoury, but there are some foods which just have that extra sparkling when paired with a glass of bubbly.

1. Vegan mac & cheese – Delicious comfort food. Instead of normal cheese, swap it out for vegan cheese and soy milk instead of regular. Tastes so good!

2. Fries/chips – Glam up your chips! The saltiness of the chips balances well with the slight sweetness and fizz of sparkling wine. Pair with a classic brut.

3. Fried Veggies – Fried vegetables taste fantastic with sparkling wine. Try broccoli fritters, parmesan chips, deep fried battered veggies or vegetable pakora (who doesn’t like an onion bhaji?). So much choice!

4. ‘Creamy’ Pasta – Try a vegan alfredo using almond milk and vegan parmesan. It tastes amazing with a Blanc de Blancs!

5. Falafel – This trusty vegan classic can be made in so many ways, but the most popular is in a wrap with plenty salad and sauce.

6. Vegan Pizza – The perfect food indulgence, just simply use vegan cheese and plenty of veg. Pair with Prosecco.

7. Cauliflower Tacos – Simple and easy to make, try out this cauliflower tacos recipe which is perfect as a midweek meal with a glass of bubbly.

8. Indian Food – This is broad, but Indian cuisine has some of the best vegan dishes. Not just the tasty sides. (samosas, bhajis and naan bread) but also the curries, like the aloo and paneer. Paneer is an Indian cheese often found in curry sauce or with spinach. Vegan curries with potatoes, coconut milk, veggies or chickpeas are also delicious.

9. Thai Green Curry – This recipe works fine without chicken. Use your favourite vegetables; courgettes, green beans, carrots, baby sweetcorn and whatever else you fancy.

10. Desserts – While sparkling wine tends to be paired with savoury food, it also pairs well with something sweet. Keep it simple with a fruit salad or chocolate-covered bananas. Traditional desserts can be made vegan using tofu or other alternatives, so check out some recipes – you’ll be surprised how good cake can taste even without butter or eggs! Pair desserts with a fruity rosé sparkling wine.

What’s your favourite vegan food to pair with a glass of Champagne or sparkling wine? If you’re interested in finding out more about a vegan diet visit Vegan Liftz.

After the dinner has been lavishly enjoyed, why not finish off the evening with a Vegan Cocktail, and if you’re not looking to consume any alcohol, then Three Spirits has a couple of bottles on offer, keeping the sparkles but without the alcohol.

Consider including some freshly grown garden herbs, edible flowers, or any Vegan Spirits to craft a fine Cocktail to cap off the evening.

Glass of Bubbly

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