Veneta, London Restaurant Inspired by the Magic of Venice

27th May 2016


A new Venetian-style restaurant is coming soon to St James Market in South West London.

With its breathtaking architecture, winding canals and endless mysterious passageways, Venice is one of the most enthralling and alluring cities in the world.

Veneta will be an enchanting space seating 110 covers in areas that combine classic bar-counter seating, banquette booths and intimate tables.  A touch of contemporary glamour inspired by Venice from a bygone era. Reached by a stunning handcrafted staircase, the restaurant will also feature a mezzanine seating level that can be booked for exclusive hire, in prime position to look out over the diners in the bustling restaurant below. Outside there is an extensive terrace which is set to be the perfect spot in the pedestrianised St James’s Market to watch the world go by.

Open all day, guests can enjoy a delicious early morning breakfast, a quick mid-morning coffee and pastry, or a lunch or dinner entertaining clients, colleagues, friends, family and loved ones. In the afternoons, it will be perfect for discreet business meetings or a pit-stop for locals, shoppers and tourists in need of a restorative glass of Prosecco.

Venice has a long and rich culinary heritage, due in part, to the pivotal role it played in the silk and spice trade and the many cultures it interacted with over the centuries.  At Veneta, Salt Yard Group will be showcasing their distinctive spin on Venetian food and food culture.

Overseen by Chef Director Ben Tish, and executed by Head Chef Jamie Thickett (formerly of Opera Tavern) the menu will be inspired by classic Venetian dishes, cooking techniques and will showcase the amazing produce from the region. A classic raw bar will offer a selection of delicious seasonal British and Venetian seafood. Carefully sourced artisan charcuterie and cheeses from the Veneto region will be served from a beautiful handmade trolley. Breakfast will be a delight, offering both indulgent and healthy options, all with a Venetian twist.

The wine list will pay homage to one of the oldest wine heritages in the world and will feature exclusively wines from Northern Italy.

Veneta is the latest restaurant by Salt Yard Group, co-founded by Simon Mullins, who also own and run Salt Yard, Dehesa, Opera Tavern and Ember Yard.


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