Veuve Clicquot Unveil 2017 Limited Edition Rosé Champagne

11th January 2017


Veuve Clicquot – the House that pioneered the Rosé d’Assemblage style we know today – has unveiled its 2017 limited edition, customisable gift box for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Madame Clicquot was the first Champagne producer to break away from the tradition of adding an elderberry-based preparation to create blended Rosé Champagne in 1818 when she blended some of her Bouzy red wines with her Non-Vintage Cuvée to make the first ‘Rosé d’Assemblage’.

‘Clicq’call’ takes the concept of personalised gift messaging to new heights by allowing Consumers to pre-record a voicemail-style message for recipients to hear when they open the gift box.

Glass of Bubbly

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