Vignarosa Italian Sparkling Wine

29th March 2016

Vignarosa Italian Sparkling Wine

The story of Vignarosa begins in eastern Veneto, Italy, the hills where the leading Italian wine was born: Prosecco. The Treviso Hills are known for producing quality wines with passion and experimentation.

The Vignarosa estate dates back 200 years, to the Napoleonic era. In 1970, under the leadership of Attilio Scotton, the family transformed the 30 hectare vineyard at Colle Umberto into a successful wine estate.

Vignarosa has received 25 awards for their Prosecco. The brand is having increasing success in the Italian and international markets.


The sparkling wines here are producing using the charmat method. The cultivation used by Vignarosa consists of rare manuring with natural methods aimed at obtaining a low yield and a high quality. A daily job, along the rhythm of the seasons, until the harvest: rigorously done by hand, gathering the bunches one by one, intact and perfectly mature.

Fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures in steel inox containers for the white grapes, with maceration and passage in oak barrels for the red grapes.


The estate is open for bookings for visits and wine tastings, accompanied by typical local products and a visit to the wine-cellar with a description of the process of production.

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