Villa Schinosa Falanghina Spumante

13th April 2016

Villa Schinosa Falanghina Spumante

Villa Schinosa is a winery located in the beautiful Apulia (Puglia) region at the south-eastern tip of Italy.

Under the control of Ferdinand and Corrado Capece Minutolo, all grapes at Villa Schinosa are selected and vinified from their own vineyards.

Falanghina Spumante is made from 100% Falaghina grapes, a local white grape variety characterised by its citrusy aromas and apple and pear flavours. The use of Falanghina is on the increase, but it’s still mostly enjoyed inside the area it’s grown in – mainly Campania. Falaghina wines traditionally pair well with seafood.

Villa Schinosa

Villa Schinosa Falanghina Spumante

Straw yellow in colour with classic varietal notes of the Falanghina grape.

Food pairing: Antipasti, raw seafood and shellfish, smoked fish and fish starters.

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