Vinicola Serena Prosecco

1st April 2014

Vinicola Serena Prosecco

Established over 130 years ago Vinicola Serena was set up by Pietro Serena, and now has 5th generation Gerardo Serena at the helm. The Serena family have a long Venetian history spanning the renaissance. The family only moved out of Venice in 1881 establishing home in the heart of Treviso where they began to develop their passion for wine. 

Their vineyards are within the Treviso DOC and benefit from a great natural micro climate.  The glera grapes are picked slightly early to preserve the acidity and then made in to naturally sparkling wine through the Charmat method which protects the delicate fruit flavours and allows for fine elegant mousse.

terra prosecco

Terra Serena Prosecco DOC (Treviso)

Lemon and fresh apple aromas, fine persistent bubbles, crisp, dry and refreshing


Terra Serena Rosato Spumante

Red cherry and cranberry nose, with delicate lively bubbles and a fruity crisp finish

Serena Glera Spumante (25l Keg)

Citrus aroma, with fine bubbles and lemon on the palate. Simple, clean, crisp and dry.”

Written by Effrosyni Tsournava

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