A visit to Bellussi Prosecco

8th August 2017


Bellussi is focused on research and product selection that enhances the aromatic characteristics, the elegance and the freshness of each wine during the vinification process. The goal of the company is the continuous pursuit of quality in product packaging, to satisfy the palate and the eye.

For me, this was the main thing that stood out for me when I was invited to take a tour of Bellussi Prosecco at their head quarters in the Valdobbiadene region. From standing in the reception area where there are many well designed and very attention grabbing bottles on show through to the detailed tasting of the wines in the tank in their winery, it told me that here is a company with an eye on both the wine itself and what holds the wine, ie the bottle and packaging, to attract the buyer.

We all know the importance of branding and design for any business today and within the wine industry this is becoming more and more apparent as we see new stylish, attention grabbing and at times mind boggling bottles and packaging. The success of Armand de Brignac with their gold bottles along with Bottega Gold shows that consumers are attracted to packaging as much as what wine the bottle holds, in the world of fizz and how it is seen as a wine for special occasions, then it is important that Prosecco and especially Prosecco Superiore has a few leaders in the packaging department.

To share our success and passion with you is our mission and raison d’etre” Enrico Martellozzo

I like Bellussi’s vision of spending time and commitment to lead the way in the packaging of their wines, each of their Prosecco comes in a very solid looking and unique design of bottle. I was very keen to also see their Cuvée Prestige bottle that is a sparkling wine from pinot noir grapes, so not Prosecco, but nonetheless a fine example of unique and attractive packaging that should lend itself to drawing in more buyers and admirers to Bellussi.

Asked by Enrico Martellozzo, owner of Bellussi Estate, which bottle design I preferred that they roll out with, I hope you the reader will agree that I preferred the black bottle design over the clear glass version:

Now on to their wines and here I am looking at their actual Bellussi and Belcanto ranges and the Prosecco Superiore labels. The relationship they have with the wine growers selling them their grapes to include the variation of plots they are able to use means they have a unique opportunity to really experiment and give themselves a unique identity. I got a very fresh and full of pear / apple characteristic with faint notes of almond and orange zest- They are very aromatic wines.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.