A visit to Bisol Prosecco

25th July 2017


It most certainly ranks as one of life greatest pleasures when you are sat enjoying a glass of Prosecco way up in the hills of Cartizze and this is exactly where I was most fortunate to spend a lazy afternoon with Gianluca Bisol who is the current president and CEO of Bisol Prosecco.

What makes this Prosecco label cherished throughout the world is their steep history in the region with their family originally grape growing back in 1542. All the Prosecco produced by Bisol is Superiore from their 20 vineyard plots in the DOCG region to include holding 2 hectares in the Cartizze. They export to 69 countries internationally and produce 389,000 bottles to include 20,000 production of their Cartizze label.

Bisol is proudly located in the DOCG region of Prosecco which, as Mr Gianluca Bisol says, is the finest area for producing wonderful Glera grapes to make the best Prosecco which is rightly called Superiore.

Remember, if you want to have the best impression of the value of this kind of grape (Glera) then the best results are from the hills, the highest and steepest hills that my family has owned since 21 generations of family from 1542.” Gianluca Bisol

Bisol for me offers a great example of Prosecco Superior with a fine consistency to their wines and a wonderful premium label that is their Cartizze which my tasting notes includes “… … fruity and floral nose with ripe peaches and pears then the taste really grabs you and take you on a journey offering creamy sweet yellow stone fruits, ripe yellow apples and even tropical fruits.

Just how important is it that drinkers of Prosecco understand the difference between DOC and DOCG I asked Gianluca:

It is important that people are taught the difference and we really need to educate people that they can enjoy two variety of Prosecco that are different in style and quality. It is too confusing to discuss DOCG and DOC or to explain a wine which comes from Valdobbiadene and some people can not even say the word itself. We need to keep it simple and use the word Superiore so this is easily recognisable on the bottles and people will understand they are getting a superior tasting Prosecco.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.