A visit to Champagne Jean Diot

21st July 2017


Pleasure and sharing is what makes our wines” Jean-Philippe Diot shares with me and a further quote that “Champagne was born to entertain us, to delight us and to gather us” tells you that this wine-maker holds his heart on his sleeve and his dedication is all towards the feelings that Champagne Jean Diot gives those who drink it.

For many, just the word Champagne can bring a smile to your face, your sensations will raise and your mind focuses on reasons to celebrate and be thankful, of course taste and aromas are always important, but sometimes, as I remember Oz Clarke once saying for when you are in that special moment in your life “it’s just whatever glass of wine that is in your hand“.  Sometimes Champagne is about life experiences and feelings.

Though we must of course respect Champagne for being a very traditional and steeped in history product, there are wine-makers looking to step outside that box and create something new, an experience outside of the ordinary and a new memory to cherish and one to come back for over and over again. For me, during my visit and meeting the current wine-maker Jean-Philippe Diot, this is exactly what Champagne Jean Diot expressed to me both from the talks we had and the wines we tasted.

The brand was launched back in the early 1960’s by Jean DIOT who created Champagne Jean Diot. In 1998 his children took over the management of the Vineyard at Vinay and continue to develop both the wines they make and the brand awareness internationally. Today the winery boasts many of the latest tools to make their own Champagne from the pressing to the labelling of the bottles – This is a family run business from quite literally the grape to the bottle. I was pleased to also meet Henry during my visit to the winery who is a young English man living in Epernay and working with the family to help produce their wines and help develop the brand awareness, he has a real hands on job and shares equally the passion for the brand’s values and success. I took a tour of the vineyards belonging to Champagne Jean Diot with Henry and amazed to see some really old and robust vines of nearly 100 years old still produce fine bunches of grapes for their Champagne!

As I mentioned, the Champagne of Jean Diot is all about making an impression and each of the wines they produce certainly gets your wine tasting mind racing from their Classic Brut to their light mousse and expressive Extase Blanc de Noirs – Full range can be viewed here.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.