A visit to Champagne Roger Brun

8th June 2018


The first time that I had the pleasure of bumping in to Champagne Roger Brun is when they entered our World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly awards last year (we do not judge at our own awards so the first taste we had was in fact at our awards evening sparkling wine reception one month after judging took place) – I suddenly discovered a whole new experience in Champagne and some fine tastes that I certainly prefer from my glass of bubbly. Champagne Roger Brun is in fact two things, one for sure are their fine wines, but also equally is the driving force behind the brand, current owner and wine maker Philippe Brun.

When you meet Philippe Brun you know you have met a big heart and big character of the Champagne industry, a gentleman that speaks his mind, shares his passion and ultimately produces some fine wines from the famous village of Aÿ.” Although I have met Philippe a few occasions before, never had I the pleasure of meeting him at his own location. An ideally located house opposite the famous church of Ay (Saint-Brice) with a character older style decored interior that draws you in to sit down and order yourself a glass of something fine from Philippe’s cellars.

His wines are an amazing introduction and journey through some of the best aromas and flavours of the region, punchy fruit with yet smooth brioche / buttery lengths, the kind of Champagne you can easily get hooked on and become a passionate fan of especially if you are seeking wines for fine food pairing. The rising popularity of pairing Champagne with foods is a subject close to Philippe’s heart and he can suggest many fine dishes to pair wonderfully with his range of Champagne – The 2017 trophy for Gastronomic went to Champagne Roger Le Brun – Cuvee Des Sires 2011.

Philippe Brun and his daughter

Just across from where we tasted his Champagne, Philippe let us down the stairs to one of his cellars where we opened and enjoyed a bottle of his rosé 4 Nuits along with his daughter – I found Champagne Roger Brun very much a family brand, one that is very much about delivering quality over quantity, customer satisfaction comes first.

As I mentioned previously, Philippe is a man with a big heart and great passion for what he does, proud of his Champagne labels, proud of being part of the Champagne community, of Aÿ, of his country and is not afraid to voice his opinions – This fine gentleman would grace any wine chat show, be a fine addition to any political party that encourages common sense, manager of the French rugby team and maybe even President… I myself would like to see more passionate people like Philippe in more important roles in our lives today that is for sure.

Philippe is nonetheless, and above all else, approachable and if you wish to explore Aÿ, let’s be honest it holds some amazing Champagne producers, then just pop in and look for the hearty man wearing the beret and you will discover a selection of treasures from this famous Champagne village…

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.