Visit Maison Champagne Georges Cartier

28th March 2016

Visit Maison Champagne Georges Cartier

Located in Epernay, Capital of the Champagne region, close to the ‘Avenue de Champagne’, Georges Cartier creates wines for pleasure.

As a tribute to its philosophy, the House selects the best grapes from the best villages to make well-balanced and easy-to-drink champagnes.

Their expert guides welcome each guest for bespoke cellar tours, tastings and food pairings, as well as for the organization of private receptions.


Wine & Champagne Bar

‘Chez Georges’ Champagne and Wine Bar is  open from Tuesday till Saturday, from 5:00 pm till 1:00 am to relax and enjoy a glass if bubbly in the heart of Epernay.

Half-Day Tour

Enjoy a unique day at the Cartier estate. The tour includes a cellar tour (also available separately), Champagne tastings, visiting the production facilities and a vineyard tour.

Cellar Tours

Cartier’s expert guides will show you the historic cellars, dug by hand into chalk during the 18th century. You will discover the Champagne making process and authentic tools, such as a traditional press, riddling racks and barrels.

To complete the tour, you can taste one or two cuvées or a vintage.


Glass of Bubbly

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