A visit to Malibran Prosecco

2nd August 2017


Most people will probably not know too much about Prosecco and that in 2009 it expanded greatly in to two main divisions of Prosecco (DOC) and Prosecco Superiore (DOCG) – Two classifications and primarily divided by area and quality. The Prosecco Superiore area is awash of steep hills and sun trap valleys made up of 15 towns that grow some of the finest grapes for Prosecco production, hence its ‘Superiore‘ name.

Malibran Prosecco sits within this region of the DOCG in the well respected town of Susegana that lies just south west of Conegliano. A perfect spot full of rolling hills of vineyards and overlooked by the impressive Castle of San Salvatore – Indeed as I stood in the vineyards of Malibran with current owner and wine maker Maurizio Favrel, it seemed that the castle was in fact smiling over us.

“Malibran, the wine for those who know how to choose.”

Once again, a producer fixed on quality over quantity, that values people’s enjoyment of his wines over simply making another sale, that is steadily and carefully exploring new ways to improve on final results to increase enjoyment for anyone drinking a glass of his wine.

I’ve got my own unique style that I like and I believe in, a wine that I know people that enjoy Prosecco Superiore will appreciate. Wines from this area are all special, all unique, we are respectful to our area and know the style of wines in produce.” Maurizio shared with me during our interview. It is clear that Malibran wants to be seen as unique, offering a different tasting experience that showcases the values and history of the area from the earth through to the vines and grapes.

Malibran stretches over 7 hectares of vineyards with their Glera grape, surrounding their winery it is a perfect spot to stop off and take a tour and a tasting. The has been recent renovation works that the family have invested in despite being a small producer of Prosecco Superiore with 100,000 bottles annually, where there is a now a new winery to make wine on site.

We have embraced a farming philosophy based on sustainable agriculture, the traditional handwork as well as passion and respect for nature and its cycles, civilised expression of our farming origins.

We tasted through a good selection of their sparkling wines during my visit, a table full of opened bottles and tasting glasses with hearty conversations is always a good place to spend an afternoon! Each of their wines had a smooth and creamy feel to them, fine bubbles and a healthy mousse with each. Fruity and elegant, dry and crisp personality to each Prosecco DOCG. I also took a particular liking their Spumante Extra Dry ‘Rosé’ which they kindly brought out for me to taste (and then taste again I might add… ) which was a particular stand out wine and complex with spicy notes, dry and crisp and once again smooth in length, a gastronomic wine in my mind.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.