Visit the Prosecco Superiore Hill with Bisol

20th July 2015

Visit the Prosecco Superiore Hill with Bisol

Take the Venetian White Wine tour with Bisol Prosecco and visit the Prosecco Superiore Hills.

You will take a tour around the beautiful Italian regions, particularly in Venice, for a chance to taste fine flavours off-the-beaten-track. The four main places you will visit are Venissa Estate, The Euganean Hills, Prosecco Superiore Hill and The Dolomites

After leaving the volcanic Euganean Hills behind, you will be greeted by a new landscape, from the harmony of the plains to the straggling hills of the Prosecco Superiore region.

You will enjoy a visit to the Bisol Winery, and without forgetting to raise our glasses for a toast to the Cartizze hill, your journey continues.

Main image ©Francesco Galifi

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