A visit to Union Champagne

22nd May 2018


Union Champagne: 2,000 winegrowers, 1,366 hectares and a young and little known Chardonnay focused Champagne label of ‘De Saint Gall‘.

The Union Champagne is an impressive co-operation style winery with a grand membership of 2,000 winegrowers and an even more impressive 1,366 hectares managed under its name – 62% Grand Cru, 28% Premier Cru and 10% other Cru. Located in Avize with a collection of co-operative buildings across the region too the Union Champagne offers its members services of: Harvesting, pressing, 1st fermentation (still wine), blending & bottling, Champagne (2nd fermentation), ageing, labelling & packaging, sales and also marketing. If smaller wineries in the region seem like that you are relaxing on a wonderful barge along the canal of Champagne, with Union Champagne you are on board a major cruise liner.

Here is a business that is focused on producing the highest quality of Champagne despite managing one of the world’s largest production houses, as I toured the location it is really a both magnificent and also daunting in size outfit with all its departments working together seamlessly like an orchestra with its conductor being Cédric Jacopin (Chef de Caves). I was happy to take a tour of both the vineyards and winery with Cédric:

The Union Champagne also produce their very own label since 1972 – Champagne De Saint Gall. The symbol of the quality that Union Champagne produces can be experienced from De Saint Gall and especially their prestigious label, Cuvée Orpale, which is a Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru with 12 years of ageing. My tasting notes included:

The Orpale from Champagne De Saint Gall gives great Chardonnay maturity with vanilla, honey and brioche aromas. A great balance of flavours with smoothness on length throwing you honey, vanilla, toasty and delicate citrus.” Christopher Walkey

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.