A visit to Villa Sandi Prosecco

24th July 2017


If you have never been there then I must say to you that the Prosecco region is really worth a visit and especially if you are keen on wine tourism. This world famous sparkling wine name holds for me some of the most breathtaking views in the world of wine, it is simply a dreamy and heavenly location for those who are looking for the picturesque rolling hills of vines and character hill top villages.

I must express a big thank you to Villa Sandi who invited both myself and Frederic Billet, Deputy Manager of the famous Luton Hoo Hotel, to their wonderful head office location in Treviso within the DOCG region of Prosecco. Having already once been and experienced more of a quick pass by visit, I was pleased to have nearly three full days at Villa Sandi and the time to explore in full their wineries, cellars, the fine selection of wines and just as important in my mind, the people behind the brand that make the magic happen.

From the time I spent there I had been in the hands of a wine label that is steeped in history and traditions yet focused on innovation and expansion. Their vision is not without care and respect with leaving careful foot-prints on their route to creating an empire that can been seen with their investment into maintaining a healthy future for nature and the environment via their Villa Sandi for life project. Despite being an international recognised brand you are still warmly greeted and welcomed to each part of what makes Villa Sandi from their tour guides right up to their president and owner Mr Giancarlo Moretti Polegato and the rest of his family. There is a warm glow to the brand Villa Sandi and those who work within it, not so much employees more a family environment, educating people over just selling to them, re-investing into nature which provides it with their fruit rather than abusing it.

What is clear with Villa Sandi is that education is key to their success and wanting to share with the world that Prosecco is not just a cheap glass of bubbly option at the bar is structured in their DNA. “With Villa Sandi educational is crucial, our aim is to educate the world on Prosecco so people can understand and appreciate it better both as a wine and a territory” Flavio Gerreto, Head of UK sales shared with me.

Environment is also a priority with the likes of internal resources such as hydroelectric power plant, water purification plant, photovoltaic system and external fund raising for third world charity led by their daughter Diva Moreti Polegato with Strawberry Fields Onlus.

… … And we have not even yet touched on the wines of Villa Sandi who in total produce 30 million bottles with a range of both still and sparkling wines. So, let us delve into the world of Prosecco with Villa Sandi:

What I feel describes Villa Sandi Prosecco best is that there is both great consistency yet great variety in their wines. You can recognise their style from the look of the wine, the aromas and the taste, there is a consistency that tells you that this is a wine of Villa Sandi, but then there is a great variation expressed from each wine to cater for many preferences from extra brut to extra dry.

Do not be fooled in thinking that Prosecco is a cheap wine thus making the quality of what you drink cheap also, “to be honest the price is correct. I would say more affordable than using the word ‘cheap’, if comparing to Champagne then we must consider that Prosecco takes a lot less time to produce so has much less overheads so hence the more economical price structure… …” added Mr Giancarlo Moretti Polegato.

There is great effort and time dedicated to each bottle produced offering a fine level of sparkling wine with characteristics that reach out with refreshing fruity tastes with a complex creamy and smooth experience on the palate in each. The variation of wines they produce is unique in them being the only label to produce a sparkling wine from each of the recognised classifications of Prosecco from DOC to Cartizze. I counted 24 different sparkling wines in their range to include the ‘metodo classico’ Opere.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.