Vitifruit Equipment

3rd May 2014

Vitifruit Equipment

Vitifruit supply high quality machinery to vineyards across the UK.

Our equipment includes:

Inter Vine Cultivators

Boisselet Bio-matic range of inter row cultivators comes with a range of interchangeable tools designed for wine growers, that can be used for inter vine cultivating, mowing and bud rubbing.

Electronic Secateurs

Electrocoup electronic secateurs/Power pruners for vineyards are the only pruning tool in the world with interchangeable cutting heads.

Vine Trimmers

Available as single side, double side, over the row, walking stick and custom made.

Fehrenbach rotary knife trimmer is ideal for use in small vineyards.

Vineyard Tying Machines

Hand operated or battery powered tying machines.

Air Assisted Sprayers

Full range of air assisted sprayers with tank sizes from 200-1500 litres.

Tunnel Sprayers

Lipco tunnel recirculation sprayers are designed for use on vineyards are available in single or double row and offer an environmentally friendly solution for plant protection. They use 35-45% less spraying agent than competing models.

Weed Sprayers

Jacoby tractor mounted weed sprayers suitable for vineyards. range of hand held sprayers for professional herbicide treatments.

Vineyard Frost Protection

Electric Or Candles

Vineyard Leaf Remover

Stockmayer leaf remover has combined high field performance and ease of operation without damaging the grapes.

Vine Guards

Vine guards to protect young vines. The full product range includes Vine sundries, pheromones and traps. Anti bird, hail & wasp Netting. Biological insect control.

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