Warner Leisure Hotels Introduce Prosecco Taps

1st April 2017


For a limited time only the Warner Leisure Hotel site is serving Prosecco in its en suite bathrooms through special pressurised taps.

Guests at one of North Wales’ most popular hotels, Bodelwyddan Castle are in for a treat after a request from a customer was taken literally. The most exclusive rooms have been upgraded from the standard mini-bar experience to the Prosecco taps which have been installed for a 12-week period and will be available for guests for a limited time only.

Mark Thompson, research and development project engineer, said: “One of the main priorities is to ensure the Prosecco makes it way from tank to tap, whilst retaining its bubbles and flavour.

“This has been achieved by installing an oxygen-free, hygienic, stainless steel ring main, pressurised to 3.5 bar – the equivalent to that you would expect from a Prosecco bottle. It’s the first installation of its type I have ever seen.”

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk

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