Wein & Sektgut F.B. Schönleber

18th November 2019

F B Schonleber wines

Alongside European greats for wine production such as France, Spain and Italy there are the splendid aromas and flavours being produced by Germany who themselves sit in the top ten for global wine producers with over 2 billion bottles annually.

Germany is the world´s largest Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) nation.Germanwines.de

Germany has a long wine history and boasts one of the most northerly wine producing regions of the world with thirteen viticulture areas and over one hundred grape varieties produced. It’s history of the last century saw negative interruptions due to wars and diseases and even during the 1970s/1980s when it gained an unwanted reputation for producing cheap sweet wines that were exported to and popular within the likes of the UK / US markets.

Despite a somewhat difficult recent history, Germany has worked hard to rebuild a reputation amongst wine lovers that are now shown by many of its wonderful wines being produced by both traditional and innovative wineries.

F B Schonleber Riesling Prestige

F B Schonleber Riesling Prestige

Sekt is the German for sparkling wine and the many examples of them, which it is said that 20% are drunk by German natives, are really worth exploring. There are around 2,000 producers of Sekt and with Germany being quoted as being the largest consumers of sparkling wine globally then it sure that there are hidden gems to be discovered.

Wine tourism in Germany is popular too with many quoting the country as offering some of the best in breathtaking views of vineyards, the winding rivers to walk beside, hilltop villages to admire and wine growing towns to explore.

Winery F.B. Schönleber

Located beside the Rhine River and on the Western side of the country, we can find F.B.Schönleber whose history dates back some 200 years and winery produces an annual 60,000 bottles of wine and 20,000 bottles of sparkling wine. The estate is run by brothers Bernd and Ralf Schönleber.

Hotel at FB-Schonleber

Hotel at F.B.Schönleber


An ideal location for wine tourism as they have their very own wine bar, restaurant and hotel boasting 13 double rooms, 3 triple rooms, and 1 single room. The style is very much in Austrian pine and the location offers a peaceful and relaxing stay for guests who can also indulge in exploring the wines of F.B.Schönleber via tastings during their stay – There is also a function room for events.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.