Westwell Wines

18th June 2014

Westwell Wines

Located on the chalk Downs below the Pilgrims way between Westwell and Charing in Kent, our vineyard has now expanded to 13 acres (5.2ha).


Varieties planted include three destined for sparkling wine: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier.

All our wines are made from grapes grown on our estate as we wish to have complete control of the proces s from grape to glass. This ensures that only the best fruit is selected for each of our wines plus truly reflecting the personality of the land on which they are grown.

Westwellsample Valve

The owner, John Rowe, has a history of winemaking on his Italian mother’s side, where viticulture and winemaking have passed from one generation to another. He has decided to revive the family tradition by putting his knowledge to use in cool climate

Our sparkling wines are all bottle fermented. They spend a minimum of 2-3 years aging in temperature controlled cellars, before being disgorged by Dermot Sugrue at Wiston Estate, who also acts as our consultant on all matters sparkling.


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