What Champagne based Cocktails should you serve at Your Parties?

9th February 2023

Traditional Champagne Cocktail

If you have friends over and you want to impress them, you can do so by preparing cocktails with Champagne, as their main ingredient. If you do so, keep in mind to only use wine that comes from the region and not some substitute like a Prosecco from Italy, as an example. Here are a few cocktails that will win hearts, at your parties and celebrations.

Why Champagne Matters

If you place a bottle of Champagne beside other types of sparkling wines and you taste them, you will soon understand the difference between them. But the particularities are not only found in the taste. The name ‘Champagne’ comes with specific qualities attached to it, that other sparkling wines don’t have. Noble, traditional, exclusive and of the highest quality are a few of the ones that immediately come to mind. Therefore, if you want your guests to be impressed, you need to acquire a few bottles of Champagne online, from CAVESA, which you can actually put on display, where you will be mixing the cocktails.

La Soupe de Champagne (Champagne Soup)

The Champagne soup is certainly the best-known cocktail on this list. It is also ideal when you entertain many guests, as the quantity of Champagne you will need, remains low in comparison to other cocktails. You will need to prepare the base, an hour before your guests arrive. You will squeeze the juice out of two limes and three lemons, but before that, you will have peeled the zest of the lime and chopped them into tiny pieces. Place the juice in a salad bowl and add one glass of cane sugar syrup with it. Mix in the lime zest and put the bowl in the refrigerator. When the guests have arrived, take the bowl out and poor the Champagne bottle inside the liquid, before serving it in flutes.

The Royal Mojito

Although the Kir Royal is best known in France, you will have more success if you serve friends and family a Royal Mojito. It is no different than a regular mojito, in its basic preparation. However, the Champagne is the royal touch that adds flair to this common drink. Use a Mojito glass for the preparation. In it, you will place brown sugar, a lime split in four pieces and lots of fresh mint. With an ice pestle, crush the various elements together, before adding a regular portion of rum. When the drink is seemingly ready, you then add the Champagne to give it its unique taste and that fresh bubbly sensation inside the mouth.

The Siberian

Let us close this article with a unique mix of vodka and Champagne. This cocktail is for those who like them on the strong side. You will need 3cl of vodka, 2 cl of blackcurrant cream, 2cl of maraschino liqueur, 1cl of lime juice, two basil leaves and a touch of Champagne. Et voilà! You have a unique drink that will please most. Just don’t serve too many of them before dinner.

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