What Does Sparkling Wine Sound Like?

2nd May 2015

What sounds come to mind when you think of the taste of Champagne or sparkling wine?

Composer and ‘synaesthete’ Nick Ryan has recreated what he hears when he tastes wine, turning tasting notes into musical ones. His synaesthesia means some of his senses involuntarily blend – this gives him an extraordinary ability to translate the taste of wine into an audio composition.

He has developed a set of ‘soundscapes’ that represent different wines in hopes of expanding the wine tasting experience. He has created tracks for 3 wines currently, including a Cava. It has been tested on a select few people who have said it is a profound and moving experience.

Ryan uses a mixture of traditional instruments, such as clarinet and cello, as well as various production techniques to create sounds linked to wine, like corks popping.

The Campo Viejo Soundscape experience will go live in London from 1-4 May at the Campo Viejo Streets of Spain festival at London’s Southbank Centre.


Glass of Bubbly

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