What Herbs To Use In Your Cocktail?

24th June 2022

What Herbs To Use In Your Cocktail

There are millions of possible combinations of different ingredients, flavours and liquids you could find in a Cocktail, something as simple as modifying the amount of alcohol you use can change the flavours.

You can dedicate your whole life to the Cocktail world and still never experience it all. I could go on forever with the possible combinations but today we are focusing on the different Herbs you can effectively use in your Cocktails.

Here’s a quick overview of all the Herbs on the list, keep reading on to find out a bit more.

  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Dill
  • Sage
  • Peppermint
  • Coriander
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Oregano

The Herb which you decide to use can have subtle effects on the aromas and flavours of your Cocktail or it can be the star of the show. Any of the herbs in this article can be used in a Bloody Mary Cocktail, as the Cocktail takes on a tomato, spicy, herbal character, adding any of the Herbs on this list (if they aren’t already included) would work and might slightly change the experience.


Mint is one of the most popular herbs out there, sometimes taking the top spot, it grows fast and spreads rampantly, it also packs a good memorable flavour which is so often enjoyed in Cocktails, normally fresh mint is used to achieve that desired minty character, you can either place the fresh mint leaves in the drink, between ice cubes to improve the visual look or they can be crushed to release more of its flavours.

When it comes to Mint Cocktails, you may have heard of or even tried the Mojito, Mint Julep, Gin Gin Mule, Southside Cocktail or the Old Cuban Cocktail.


Otherwise known as Salvia Rosmarinus, and part of the mint family, Rosemary is used mostly as a garnish in Cocktails, enlivening the aroma, you can find Cocktails like the Lemon & Rosemary Cocktail, which delivers on the two flavours in the name.

A sprig of Rosemary used as a garnish doesn’t just make you want to spend more time on the aroma, it adds very nicely to the look of your Cocktail.

Anyone familiar with the British TV Show Rosemary & Thyme will know which herb is next.


The brancher herb in the picture above is another popular herb that is part of the mint family, Thyme is often associated with Rosemary.

When looking for what to use in a Thyme Cocktail, both Vodka and Gin are two spirits that are said to go well with the addition of Thyme, as well as the more known Bourbon Thyme Cocktail.


Also known as ‘great basil’, a perfect herb for cuisine, has also a mark in the Cocktail world, with one of the most popular Basil Cocktails being the Gin Basil Smash, and would be perfect to include in a Bloody Mary.


Lavender, easily identified by it’s purple flower and sweet floral aroma. Funny enough, the Lavender is also part of the Mint family, it is actually part of 47 known species of flowering plants in the Mint family.

This Flower Mint will allow you to create a very welcomed Cocktail this Summer, both delivering a herbal and floral character, if you’re looking for a Lavender Cocktail to try, look out for the Lavender Bee’s Knees or reinvent the classic with the Lavender Martini.


Dill is part of the celery family Apiaceae, not necessarily a go-to herb for most, but one that holds its own on several occashion, you can try the Dill or No Dill Cocktail, or a Cucumber Dill Martini or Dill Cucumber Gin Fizz.

Dill is a nice herb to leave floating on top or to pair with a thin slice of cucumber.


Native to the Meditartian, also a proud member of the Mint family, it is either known as Salvia Officinalis, The Common Sage or Sage, you can pair Sage with the likes of Parsley, Oregano or Bay Leaf. When looking for a Cocktail, the Smoked Sage Cocktail or The Elder Sage Cocktail are two good choices.


Peppermint is more like a cousin to the Mint family, it’s a hybrid, being a cross between spearmint and watermint, originating Indigenous to the Middle East and Europe.

The perfect Mint to choose when wanting a natural Candy Cane flavour, as Peppermint is the flavour in the Christmas Candy Cane, you’ll find a few Peppermint Cocktails using the Candy Cane instead of the Peppermint Herb, like the Peppermint Martini, or Pink Peppermint Cocktails.

When looking for the Peppermint Herb, you only need to look towards the Mint Cocktails, switching out the classic Mint with Peppermint creates a new experience.


The perfect herb for an egg mayo sandwich, otherwise known as Cilantro, makes its appearance in the Cilantro Cooler Cocktail, Coriander and Ginger Martini and the Cilantro Margarita.

When Coriander appears in Cocktails, it more often than not is referred to as Cilantro.


Parsley is considered both a Herb and a Vegetable, the root of a Parsley grows underground and it’s very similar to a parsnip or carrot in shape and the Parsley leaf is what grows on top.

The Parsley Herb can be used in the Parsley Gin Julep, Lemon Parsley Cocktail of the Jalapeno Parsley Martini.


We all know the Chives as a thin green Herb, but did you know its scientific name is Allium Schoenoprasum, I think I’ll stick to calling them Chives.

When looking for Chive Cocktails, it’s rather rare, adding a sprig or two of Chives adds a nice green herbal touch to your Cocktail without crowding the rim of your glass, it’s a delicate little touch, which is more popular on food, but still works in Cocktails.


Heading back to the Mint family Lamiaceae, originating in the Meditation. Oregano is normally used as a whole but can be used chopped up and sprinkled on top of the likes of a Bloody Mary.


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