What is Champagne Collectors?

8th November 2023

Champagne Collectors website

A dedicated vintage Champagne trading platform along with professional wine reviews and scoring and the unique feature of rewarding users for their activities. After over a decade in the Champagne industry and speaking to many fellow collectors and industry professionals to include the producers themselves, I decided to create a concept by Champagne Collectors for Champagne Collectors.

Globally, there is great interest in vintage Champagne, not only bottle aged, but also those releases with longer lees aging with the jewel in the crown being acquiring bottles that have always remained in the original (house) cellar, on lees and non-disgorged. As my fellow vintage Champagne admirer, Christopher Burr MW, says ‘the complexity and umami which comes with time, is gorgeous’ and there are many who think likewise.

I also wanted to resolve an issue that I felt passionate about and that was rewarding shared data. As a long term user of the Vivino wine app having added thousands of wine reviews, I felt that, unlike themselves, I needed to fill a gapping hole for ‘giving back’ in that Champagne Collectors would reward users when they contribute with reviews and scores, submitting auctions and winning them – Our unique user profile status and reward point scoring means that as our users contribute data to the Champagne Collectors website, their profile raises and they receive thank you gifts ranging from discounts on purchases to vintage Champagne bottle gifts. Our users help us grow and they deserve to be rewarded.

Following a first round of investment, we are now building, what I believe to be, one of the ultimate websites for both selling and buying vintage (and tete de cuvee) Champagne labels enabling both consumers and industry to trade. Alongside the sales and reviews, expect in 2024 features to include: ultimate Champagne experience events / live data to include value and quality on each vintage label / Trade and Swap portfolio sharing.

With a growing team in the background and a selection of dedicated users frequently providing feedback during our beta testing mode, it is the belief that Champagne Collectors will be the ultimate platform dedicated to vintage Champagne globally.Founder Christopher Walkey


Consumer / Trade Auctions: (Currently free until first quarter of 2024) Live auctioning of vintage Champagne with minimal seller / buyer fees.

Reviews / Scoring: Quality controlled review and scoring of past vintage Champagne to guarantee quality or genuineness.

Profile Building / Rewards: A unique user profile and rewards point system enabling accounts to grow profile status and receive the likes of discounts / gifts / invitations for their efforts.

Live Value / Taste Profile Data: (Expected June 2024) As you search our database of auctions / reviews you can view live data of each vintage label allowing browsers to appraise the current performance level and value.

Unique Champagne Events Globally: (Expected April 2024) As our concept expands globally, we will work with keep representatives who will be arranging unique vintage Champagne events from masterclasses with house representatives to amazing fine food pairing.

Membership: (Expected June 2024) Users will be able to choose from free membership to varied levels of paid for membership that will include membership cards offering discounts such as for key hospitality venues serving the finest vintage Champagne.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.