What Is Enogastronomy?

9th March 2023

What Is Enogastronomy

Enogastronomy = The Art Of Knowing How To Pair Wine With Food

Making the connection between wine and food has for a long time been just a passion of wine and food lovers, but in recent years this art or skill for pairing wine with food has grown exponentially.

Enogastronomy gained its popularity thanks to Instagram Influencers and innovation from both wineries and restaurants, it takes part of the skills of a Sommelier and expands it into a new league of its own, thanks to this, it has become a viable career path taking a vast amount of knowledge and experience to become one of the greatest.

Focusing solely on the pairing combination between a glass of bubbly or a glass of wine with different cuisines, dishes and meals, helping you find the perfect Sparkling Wine or Wine to enjoy with your starter, your main and your dessert, either suggesting a new bottle with each dish or finding that perfect balance to harmonize throughout the entire dining experience.

As you may be aware, Sparkling Wine has varying levels of residual sugar, which for the skilled Enogastronomic, is one way that helps them identify the correct Sparkling Wine to pair with your meal.

  • Brut Nature – 0 to 3g/l of residual sugar
  • Extra Brut – up to 6g/l of residual sugar
  • Brut  – up to 12g/l of residual sugar
  • Extra Dry –  12 to 17g/l of residual sugar
  • Dry (Sec/Secco) – 17 to 32g/l of residual sugar
  • Semi-Secco (Demi-Sec) – up to 50g/l residual sugar

Then you have the tannin levels in red wines, the pink/red touch of a Rosé or the varying styles of white, from France to Germany and from Australia to California, including the more than 10,000 different grape varieties, this isn’t even touching on the food side of the equation, from the cut of the meat, the seasoning, the herbs, spices, sauces, from the sea, to the land, to the sky, that’s why you’ll likely find it easier to get into Enogastronomy with a history as a Sommelier, Winemaker or Chef, as part of the knowledge and experience already exists within, but there are many influencers, especially on Instagram and TikTok, that are picking up the required skills and knowledge through experience alone, with no qualifications behind them.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.