What is happening to Champagne?

31st December 2015

champagne sign and cheap prices

Champagne is now being sold for as little as £9 a bottle with Gartissier Brut Champagne on offer at Morrisons.

With 25% of Champagne normally being sold in the week between Christmas and New Year, is this price damaging the brand of Champagne, known as a luxury product or is it in response to the ever growing popularity of Prosecco.

The value of Prosecco sales in the UK leapt by almost three quarters in the first six months of last year, overtaking Champage for the first time.

English sparkling wine is also booming, with one in every 50 bottles of sparkling wine sold last year grown in English vineyards.

English sparkling wine sales have risen by more than 300% in Marks and Spencers and by 200% in Waitrose.

So where does that leave Champagne?

Glass of Bubbly

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