What is Riesling?

2nd August 2021

What is Riesling

When Riesling is mentioned then we tend to think about countries such as Germany and Austria. We think of white wines and possibly fizzy ones also, we think of white grapes and we think of fairly aromatic characters from them. We’d all be quite correct in our thinking, but there is a lot more to Riesling than just these popular references…

What is Riesling?

It is a world famous grape used in white winemaking, an aromatic almost perfume style white variety which will deliver a white floral and fruity character. Originating from the Rhine region, it is now grown globally.

How do I pronounce Riesling?

Reez – ling

Riesling grapes

Riesling grapes


Where are Riesling grapes grown?

The grape is best suited to cool up to moderate temperature regions. Germany is famous for Riesling grapes and thus produces the most, other well known regions include: Alsace, Austria, Australia, California, New Zealand (south island) and Canada.

“One third of German Riesling is grown in the Mosel Valley”.

Styles of Riesling are:

Mostly we will enjoy a glass of sweeter tasting wine when it comes to a Riesling, though there are also dry options also:

Trocken (dry)
Kabinett (dry to off-dry)
Spätlese (sweet)
Auslese (sweeter)
Beerenauslese (very sweet)
Trockenbeerenauslese (super sweet)

Riesling Sparkling Wines:

There are many options for sparkling Rieslings from across Europe and beyond. The highly characteristic qualities of Riesling make it a wonderful option for sparkling wines, the aromas and flavours will charm you. From New Zealand to Austria.

Motzenbäcker Riesling Brut Kalkstein:

The Riesling Kalkstein Brut from Motzenbäcker is a great Brut example of how this grape expresses itself when bubbles are added. This vegan option from the German winery located in southern western side of Germany (Deidesheim),

Sparkling passion for generations. Marie Menger-Krug, cellar master with a passion for quality and puristic flavors goes back to the origins with the great sparkling wines from Motzenbäcker. All carefully sparkled with traditional bottle fermentation and as a highlight the rurale method, the most original form of bottle fermentation with exciting mousseux and great natural flavors. All sparkling wines are grown and grown organically and from our own vineyards. From the vineyard to your glass with a lot of love and know-how.

Tasting notes: “A green fruit, herbaceous and soft petroleum. Green fruits and a touch of toast in flavours. Medium plus acidity with greengage and lime zest.

Riesling Grapes photo credit – Pixabay


Christopher Walkey

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