What Is The Difference Between Tasting and Drinking?

18th May 2023

What Is The Difference Between Tasting and Drinking

What To Do If You Are Tasting Champagne

There are many steps to create a perfect Champagne tasting, but first it is important to:

1. Look at the color and perlage

2. Smell the aromas and try to apply what notes you can smell

3. Taste the Champagne

4. Time to think, what does the Champagne tell you, age, notes, what grapes have been used? What does this remind you of?

After this is normal to you, there are other things to look at. Which glasses for which Champagne. What you want to eat while drinking the Champagne. And other things like the place, people and music can change the mood.

Which Glasses?

All different shapes and sizes - Champagne Glasses


This style is out of date and hardly used today. This is due to the fact that it is not ideal for wine tasting or smelling. That is as a result of its large surface. The bubbles and fragrance will swiftly dissipate from the wide surface, making them difficult to detect. And the Champagne will soon turn flat.


This is a traditional glass that is barely open. The bubbles in this glass are given the most attention, and since there is less surface area, the bubbles will remain longer. But the wine cannot open up due to the tiny surface. As a result, while not the ideal glass, this one does slightly outperform the coupe.


This particular style of Champagne glass is more modern. This glass features a big surface in the middle that narrows to a point at the top. Due of the narrow opening, this enables the Champagne to open up and allows the smell to concentrate at the top. This enables you to experience the wine’s greatest flavor and aroma.

What To Eat?

What you like is key when matching Champagne.

Champagne pairing is all about personal preference, just like food and beverage pairings in general. Some individuals like more acidic combinations to cut the fatty flavors of their cuisine, while others prefer to stick with the same theme, for instance something sweet with something sweet. You can’t always expect to get the perfect result and with time you will have unsuccessful trials, but that is a part of the experience. Even if something wasn’t a good match, you have to try new things in order to figure out what you like and don’t like. Look here for suggestions on where to start.

Extra Dry – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Hard cheese, Fries, Lobster, Caviar, Apple, Pear, Lemon.

Meal Idea: Homemade apple pie.

Brut – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Shellfish, Steak, White truffles, Fries, White-meat fish, Caviar, Fruit platter.

Meal Idea: A classic homemade burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onion or however you prefer.

Demi-Sec – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Fois gras, Chicken, Cookies, Fruit based desserts,

Meal Idea: Aperitif with fois gras and crackers.

Blanc de Blancs – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Octopus, Scallops, Shrimp, White-meat fish, Cream cheese, Popcorn.

Meal Idea: Seared scallops with a creamy sauce and roasted potatoes.

Blanc de Noirs – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Pork, Lobster, Duck, Chicken

Meal Idea: Lobster cooked with a butter and garlic sauce.

Rosé – Pairing Ideas

Ingredient Ideas: Dessert, Pasta, Pizza, Chicken, Duck, Cured meats and fish, Mixed nuts, Cheese platter.

Meal Idea: Fried chicken.

But keep in mind!

These are only ideas that we have found out through Champagne Season. But you must experiment on your own to discover what you find enjoyable. It’s a beautiful process, I promise. These elements are solely included to help you choose what you desire. Without a doubt, you should also consider what is available locally and determine where to purchase the freshest goods. Tag us on Instagram @Champagne.Season or use the hashtag #champagneseason to share your creations with me.

Cheers and best of luck!

Place and Music?

Champagne and Music

Place and music can have a big impact on the experience, try different settings and different music. You will feel the difference, but sometimes when you have a lot of people together, music is not needed because everybody is socializing/networking and just having a great time with fellow Champagne nerds.

But what is the difference between drinking and tasting?

When you are just drinking, the glass does not matter, there is a fine balance and you have to remember when and where you can allow yourself to be a real Champagne nerd. Sometimes it is also great to enjoy a glass, enjoy your company and forget everything about what it tastes like.

Théo Madeleine

Owner of Champagne Season, selling Champagnes and accessories https://champagne-season.com/