What Is The Official Champagne Sponsor of the Kentucky Derby?

29th February 2024

Where in the World is Champagne Champagne!?

When you think about the Kentucky Derby, the first thing that comes to mind are fashion, betting, and the adrenaline rush from the race itself. But something is missing here.

Yes, that’s right, a drink to celebrate the winner of the race. Even though the traditional drink for the Kentucky Derby is Mint Julep, it doesn’t have that tradition of being used for celebrations. Only one drink is worthy of celebration and that is Champagne.

This isn’t something new with horse racing. Every other sport like F1, tennis, or soccer gives Champagne to the winner where they can pop it and enjoy a well-deserved bubbly drink.

But horse racing is a bit more special. Bear in mind, we are talking about the Sport of Kings. The sport is engulfed with elegance, prestige, and high class. So, we need to have the best of the best!

And what’s a better way than enjoying a race while sipping some Champagne and watching incredible horses like Timberlake, who according to TwinSpires, has a serious chance to win the Kentucky Derby?

So, in today’s article, we will explore more about the history of the Kentucky Derby and its relationship with Champagne, as well as find out which brand is the official sponsor of the event.

Kentucky Derby and Champagne

We all know that the Kentucky Derby is more than simply a race. It is a cultural event rooted in history, tradition, and social spectacle. Therefore, the entire feel and ambience of the Derby is really important.

Since its beginnings in 1875, the Kentucky Derby has grown to become the world’s biggest horse racing event and the only one that combines, sport, fashion, and partying.

And what’s the only thing you need for celebrations and partying? – That’s right, Champagne.

But before we start talking about Champagne, let’s talk about the Mint Julep, the Derby’s official drink.

This mixture of whiskey, mint, sugar, and ice has satisfied Derby-goers’ thirsts for decades, with each sip signifying the spirit of the South.

Even though mint juleps are the main attraction of the derby, there are still some Champagne options, especially in the Winners’ Circle suites. Additionally, mint julep isn’t the only cocktail available on the race. After all, not everybody prefers bourbon. There are other refreshing cocktails that include Champagne.

The Kentucky Derby Champagne Cocktail is a well-known recipe that has gained popularity among Derby fans. This refreshing drink is similar to the Mint Julep, with some changes. It includes fresh mint, whiskey, sugar, and sparkling wine, providing a refreshing alternative to the heavier bourbon-based julep.

But what’s the main Champagne brand that sponsors the event?

Official Champagne Sponsor of the Kentucky Derby

When you look at the long history of the Kentucky Derby, you’ve probably thought that a deal with a champagne brand would have come sooner. But, in reality, the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs signed a multi-year deal with a Champagne company a few years ago.

It was the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby where G.H. Mumm became the official Champagne sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. This was in 2015, and this deal had a massive impact on the entire event.


Well, G.H. Mumm had a crucial role in the development of the $4.2 million Winner’s Circle Suites and Courtyard. The sponsor covered some of the costs for the track development, and of course, it became the official drink of the Derby.

This relationship also involves a dramatic sabering of the Cordon Rouge for the pre-race ‘G.H. Mumm Toast to the Kentucky Derby’, making G.H. Mumm an important component of the win celebrations and critical moments of the Derby Day celebration.​

The Role of Champagne at the Derby

Since we are talking about a high-class event, we cannot imagine the Kentucky Derby without a high-class drink like Champagne. And what is a better choice than G.H Mumm, a company that actually has a longer history than the Derby?

Yes, G.H. Mumm is a company founded by three brothers back in 1827, and over the years, it grew to become one of the most prestigious and high-class campaigns in the world.

Basically, it is the perfect match for an event like the Kentucky Derby. It is nice to see two big brands collide together to make the race even more prestigious.

The Champagne also plays an important role in the Winner’s toast. After the race is finished, the winning team celebrates the moment by popping a G.H. Mumm Champagne. A huge bottle that might be difficult to lift by those skinny jockeys.

This is a symbol of triumph and a moment of reflection on all the hard work that goes into preparing a champion.

But the Champagne isn’t only limited to the winners of the race. It is also quite enjoyed by the spectators. Most of them want to look fancy with their high-class outfit on, while others really enjoy this bubbly drink.

So, if you are thinking about going to the Kentucky Derby, don’t worry, you’ll have premium Champagne as an option.

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