What will new EU laws on planting vines mean for the industry?

5th January 2016

What will new EU laws on planting vines mean for the industry?

As of 1st January, the rules on planting new vines in the EU have changed in a fundamental way.

Previously new vineyards were prohibited unless special dispensation was given, this was to protect existing growers.

With the new rules it means it is now legal to plant vines unless a good reason can be found to stop it.

Many in the wine business have welcomed the change because they think it will bring in new ideas and foster the development of new brands for the international market.

Champagne producers are the most opposed to the changes with concerns over damage to the reputation, though Champagne will continue to have strict control over the planting of new vines.

In France the change is accompanied by an agreement that any increase in the number of vines will be limited to 1% a year – that is around 8,000 hectares.

Significantly though, these new vines can be anywhere in the country and can be for the production of a new wine “appellation” or label – to be called VSIG (Vins sans Indication Geographique: Wines without Geographic Indication).


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