What’s the Biggest Champagne Bottle size?

9th February 2017


There are 14 recognised sizes of Champagne and sparkling wine bottles in total, starting from the Piccolo (just a quarter of a standard bottle) up to the massive Melchizedek, 40 times the size of a standard bottle!

In 2014, London’s biggest ever bottle of Champagne arrived at Searcy’s Champagne bar. The bottle of Champagne Drappier was a huge 30-litres – a Melchizedek – weighing 100 pounds at 4ft tall.

A standard Champagne bottle comes in at 750ml, the most common size available. If you search around, you can find Magnums (two times a standard) and Jeroboams (6 times a standard), but the other sizes are harder to find.

You can view some huge bottles of Armand de Brignac, Moet & Chandon, Bottega Prosecco and others in Selfridges, London.

They’re striking to look at… and fun at parties!

Where to find big bottle bubbly:

Nicolas Feuillatte NV Champagne Magnum – Majestic Wine, £39.99

Codorniu Vintage Cava DO Magnum – Waitrose, £19.99

Prosecco Magnum – M&S, £21

Bottega Gold Prosecco Jeroboam at Selfridges – £89.99

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