What’s Special about Annie Lindo’s Vineyard at Camel Valley

24th February 2016

What's Special about Annie Lindo's Vineyard at Camel Valley

Annie Lindo is the only person to have ever pruned her own 5000 vine vineyard at Camel Valley.  All cut by hand with secateurs, 135,000 vines pruned so far, a million cuts and a million thoughts.

There are very few vineyards in the world to have only been pruned by one person and this one in Cornwall is just one of those select few.

Bob Lindo, who together with his wife Annie founded Camel Valley Vineyard in the 1980’s, said: ‘When we finished winter pruning the first time in 1989, we celebrated with a Chinese takeaway!  It was a rare treat in those days, but we have done it every year since apart from one, when I took Annie to China instead!’

To mark her 100,000th vine pruned, son Sam produced the first ‘Annie’s Anniversary’ Brut in 2010 – the progress of which was followed keenly on Caroline Quentin’s programme on Cornwall (broadcast on ITV in 2012) and as if on cue, it won a Gold medal.  Annie’s Anniversary is now the most popular wine at Camel Valley and Bob’s favourite too.

Annie said : ‘It’s been tough this year; It’s been much wetter than average and windier too, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world’.



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