What’s the Best Bubbly for your Graduation this Week?

13th July 2016

What's the Best Bubbly for your Graduation this Week?

This week, students all over the country are donning their caps and gowns to receive their degrees and bid farewell to the late nights, early mornings and of course, hard work of university. Some graduates know exactly what they’re going to do, be it getting a ‘real’ job, going travelling, or taking on further study, and others will be looking for jobs, feeling their way and hanging on to that last leftover bit of student loan for dear life. Whether you’re sorted or searching, we can recommend a bottle of bubbly for every situation.

The already-employed graduate

You’re so organised that you managed to secure that all-important graduate job before you even finished your course! Not only are you graduating, but you have exciting new experiences to look forward to, and a salary to boot. This calls for splashing out on a double celebration with Laurent-Perrier Vintage.

The travelling graduate

Some students take a gap year before they start university; you’ve decided you’re not quite ready for the ‘real world’ yet and want to get some more experiences under your belt. Maybe you’re going to teach abroad, work on an environmental project, or help those in need? Say goodbye to rainy Britain with Ridgeview Merret Bloomsbury English Sparkling Wine.

The graduate who isn’t done with studying yet

Although it’s the end of your Bachelor’s degree, your graduation also marks the beginning of postgraduate study. You loved university so much, and were so interested in your subject, that you can’t quite bring yourself to leave just yet. If you’ve got funding in place for your next adventure, celebrate endings and beginnings with Moët & Chandon Brut NV.

The jobseeking graduate

You haven’t quite secured that job yet, but graduating is a huge achievement in itself, and you want to celebrate with your friends before you all head off on different paths. Put aside the job applications for the evening and hold one last house party with Mionetto Prosecco.

The mature graduate

You have a bit more life experience than your fellow graduates, who are mostly in their early twenties. You might have had a career already, brought up children, or taken a degree as something you always wanted to do during your retirement. Gather the family round and celebrate with Lanson Gold Label Vintage.

Glass of Bubbly

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