What’s The Best Temperature To Serve Champagne?

5th August 2020

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When indulging in a glass of Champagne, how much does the temperature affect your overall experience?

There is no set in stone temperature for drinking Champagne, but there is a common temperature that most people agree is best and that is 8-10°C.

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It provides a temperature that allows the Champagne to express itself without being too cold in order to close off any of the aromas and flavours.

You don’t really want to go any colder than this, maybe 5-6°C if you prefer a colder Champagne, but any lower and you start to lose out on what the Champagne really has to offer.

It’s kind of like sticking your head into your freezer, your nose gets hit with a wall of ice, your aromas are blocked, so you can’t smell anything other than ice.

After tasting and experimenting with the temperature of Champagne you will notice that some Champagnes perform better at a warmer temperature, with it going all the way up to room temperature, you don’t want to go any warmer than that, I wouldn’t recommend drinking a glass of Champagne that feels warm.

A recommended option would be to pour yourself a glass of Champagne at 8°C and spend some time with it, warm the glass up with your hands every so often to see how the temperature can change the Champagnes aromas and flavours.

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One thing I’ve discovered from my experience is that Champagne aromas can sometimes become more expressive when they start to reach room temperature, some hidden aromas can appear after leaving the glass for 5-10mins, whereas the flavours become more still and closed, I prefer tasting my glass of Champagne at around 9°C.

I can’t give you a perfect temperature as some Champagnes will prefer a warm condition, but as a good base to start from, I would recommend 8°C degrees, this way, the Champagne either starts at its best or it warms into it.

Oliver Walkey

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