When to buy best selling Champagne in UK

2nd August 2014

When to buy best selling Champagne in UK

Consumers stocking up for big parties and annual events can save thousands of pounds a year, as Wines, Beers and Spirits price comparison website bringabottle.co.uk reveals the cheapest time of the year to buy.

Over the past two years, 7 million prices were collected from all of the major supermarkets and online retailers in the UK.

Purchasing some brands of Champagne in December takes advantage of the oversupply to the market, and the deep discounts offered by retailers. A customer purchasing a bottle of Lanson Black Label Champagne at this time of year would make a saving of £17.51. Buying in December the price is £16.49 a bottle, which is a huge saving compared the highest price of the year £34.

Savings can be made all year round as the best time to buy varies dramatically depending on the brand and product type.

Consumers using the bringabottle.co.uk website can take advantage of free alerts, notifying them when their favourite drinks are at their lowest ever price.

Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle said “There is a huge incentive to buy early for consumers who would save a large amount of money. Champagne can happily be stored for over a year. If consumers have a big event on the cards such as a wedding or birthday, it makes sense to buy well in advance and take advantage of low prices getting more for their money”


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