Where Can I Buy Giulio Ferrari?

14th November 2023

where to buy Giulio Ferrari

One of the world’s most highly rated sparkling wines, and with a global fan base, is a label from the Trento DOC region of Italy called Giulio Ferrari. With countless awards to its name including the title of The World’s Finest Sparkling Wine for 2023, this is the prestige label from the much acclaimed Ferrari Trento winery.

Made in the same way as that of Champagne, the traditional method, the Giulio Ferrari rubs shoulders with the best sparkling wines ever made and from its launch year back in 1972, its admiration globally has grown as well as its availability at top dining locations. This 100% Chardonnay is part of the Riserva range from Ferrari Trento with a length of ageing of more than 10 years on the yeasts (lees). Grapes come from Southwest facing vineyards of the Lunelli Family on the picturesque slopes of the mountainsides that bless the Trento region at an altitude of up to 600 metres above sea level. As with many vintages, the Giulio Ferrari is released only on the best harvest years – Including more recently: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Giulio Ferrari has turned out to be the most highly praised of Italian sparkling wine, giving my favourite great vintage Champagnes from Maisons and growers the urge, as always, to rise to still greater heights.” quote by Michael Edwards

Matteo Lunelli Interview – Giulio FerrariThe World’s Finest Sparkling Wine 2023

The Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore also sees a partnering label in the Rosé version since 2006. This label rosé holds Pinot Noir grapes with a small percentage of Chardonnay and has had subsequent releases in 2007, 2008 and 2020. Once again this label sees 10 years on the yeasts, selected from Ferrari’s own cultures.

Ten years on the yeasts gives the Giulio Ferrari sufficient complexity of flavour to ennoble this traditional dish: the fine perlage contrasts with the fattiness, while the character of the sparkling wine is a splendid foil for the anchovies.” source Pairings

Importantly, how do you get to enjoy a glass of the Giulio Ferrari or maybe you wish to purchase some bottles? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing venues across the globe serving this amazing Italian sparkling wine including distributors selling to trade / consumers:

Restaurants / Bars / Hotels:

67 PallMallLondon UK: https://www.67pallmall.com/

Tozi Restaurant & BarLondon UK: https://www.tozirestaurant.co.uk/london/menu/2007 Vintage – £140 a bottle

The Fat DuckBerkshire UK: https://thefatduck.co.uk/files/wine-list/Wine_List_2023_-_28.10.2023_-_D.pdf2009 Vintage – £965 a bottle

PasteBangkok Thailand: https://www.pastebangkok.com/wine/

MirabelleRome Italy: https://www.mirabelle.it/en

Florio RestaurantPalermo Sicily: https://www.roccofortehotels.com/hotels-and-resorts/villa-igiea/dining/florio-restaurant/

Rinaldi Al Quirinale Rome Italy: https://www.rinaldialquirinale.it/en/2008 Vintage – 200€ per bottle


Suppliers / Distributors:

Bibendum WineUK: https://www.bibendum-wine.co.uk/wine-sparkling/sparkling-wine-white/giulio-ferrari-riserva-del-fondatore-2008/

VinissimusUK: https://www.vinissimus.co.uk/en/wine/ferrari-trento-riserva-giulio-ferrari/

VinVMUK: https://www.vinvm.co.uk/ferrari-giulio-ferrari-riserva-del-fondatore-20092009 Vintage – £134.40 per bottle

SuperioreGermany: https://www.superiore.de/en/wine/trentino-south-tyrol/ferrari/riserva-del-fondatore-giulio-ferrari-metodo-classico-trento-doc-2010-extra-brut.html2010 Vintage – €199 per bottle

Curated WinesSingapore: https://curatedwines.sg/products/ferrari-giulio-ferrari-riserva-del-fondatore2009 Vintage – $210 per bottle

Muz Home WinesTaiwan: https://www.muzhomewines.com/wines/p/ferrari-riserva-giulio2010 Vintage – $6,800 per bottle


Looking for older vintages of Giulio Ferrari?

HedonismUK: https://hedonism.co.uk/product/giulio-ferrari-riserva-19751975 Vintage – Out of Stock

Bevi Bene Italy: https://www.bevibene.wine/en/vintage-bottle-wines/28377-vintage-bottle-ferrari-trento-doc-giulio-ferrari-riserva-del-fondatore-1990-075-lt-cod-3937-7427294741816.html1990 Vintage – €296.01

Cask CartelUSA: https://caskcartel.com/en-gb/products/1979-giulio-ferrari-riserva1979 Vintage – $1,798.99

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