Where Can You Buy Sparkling Wine?

19th October 2022

Where Can You Buy Sparkling Wine England

For many people, Champagne and Prosecco are the only two Sparkling Wines on the market, constantly fighting for that first place position, the reason is, when it comes to the marketing budget of each, the rest of the world doesn’t really compare.

Some will be aware of Cava, (Sparkling Wine from Spain) but after their inner conflict that caused their marketing campaign to crumble, Cava then dropped to a solid third place, but now with the rise of English Sparkling Wine, they might end up dropping out of the top 3.

To put the world of Sparkling Wine into some kind of perspective, the Champagne region alone has over 100,000 labels, if you tasted one new label a day, it would take you over 273 years to taste them all, that’s not counting all the Champagne wineries that would open or the new labels that would be released in that time.

It’s impossible to taste every Sparkling Wine in the world, if you could do it, you would have an immortal place in the history books, so I wish you the best of luck if you want to try.

Which Countries Produce The Most Sparkling Wine?

Italy – 660 million bottles
France – 550 million bottles
Germany – 350 million bottles
Spain, -260 million bottles
United States of America – 162 million bottles

Let’s find out the best places where you can buy a bottle of Sparkling Wine.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a supermarket that doesn’t sell Champagne or Prosecco here in the UK, but sometimes certain supermarkets sell international Sparkling Wines, you’re not likely to find anything rare or considered a superior standard, but you sometimes find a gem in the haystack.

Now, for those who wish to explore the world of Sparkling Wine beyond the supermarket shelves, where else can you buy a bottle of Sparkling Wine?

Wine Merchants

The Wine Merchant buys direct from the winery and sells to the Sparkling Wine lover.

Wine Merchants make it possible to enjoy smaller, unique, or otherwise unknown Sparkling Wines at an affordable price. It’s expensive to buy Sparkling Wine from abroad, especially outside of Europe, so the Wine Merchant buys in bulk and allows you to buy just one bottle without worrying about importation costs.

Although the Wine Merchant adds on their costs to each bottle sold, it still normally works out cheaper than buying directly from an international Winery, but only use a Wine Merchant for international Sparkling Wines, if you want something from the UK, then look at the next option below.

Direct From The Winery

Buying from a Winery in the UK isn’t going to cost you as much, especially if you buy in person, because you’re buying at point A, so you’re only paying for the wineries time, the wine, the bottle, the cork, the cage, the foil and the label, that may sound like a lot, but that’s by far the cheapest.

If you buy from a supermarket, they have to make a profit, so they add on a fee, if you buy from a Merchant, they will add on a bigger fee, the more people that get involved the more expensive it will cost, with each person charging for their time and their expenses.

So it’s always a fantastic idea to travel to a local vineyard and take a tour if they offer one, buy a bottle directly and see what it tastes like, many English wineries offer vineyard, winery or cellar tours, guided tastings and even dinners, picnics or a glass of bubbly in the vineyard.

A Personal Collection

Champagne Collecting

Wine, Champagnes, and Sparkling Wine are collectible commodities, people love the stuff, and a lot of it can be stored and aged to increase in value, so just like people collect stamps or comic books, people collect wine, and at some point, people want to sell their collections.

Sometimes someone might just have one or two old bottles, but on other occasions, they might have 10 or 20 bottles, depending on who’s been collecting, you could be viewing a range of old supermarket bottles or you could be discovering some real gems.

Sometimes you can find bottles on eBay, but you’ll most commonly find collections on Facebook, with groups like Champagne Collectors dedicated to helping find the right prices and sell old Champagne bottles.

Champagne Route

Champagne Route - Traditional Sparkling Wine Selection

The are some shops across the country that are dedicated to selling only Wine or Sparkling Wine, the picture above was taken inside Champagne Route, a Bar, Restaurant and Champagne Seller. Champagne Route has the largest collection of Traditional Method Sparkling Wines in London, helping its customers discover the wider world of Champagne, with an amazing display of different Champagne labels from across the incredible region.

Oliver Walkey

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